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Les Fleurs du Mal par Charles Baudelaire; illustrations de Carlo Farneti.

Gibert Jeune
Librairie d’Amateurs
61, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 61 
Paris [France], 1935

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Batman spending quality time with his friends.

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Portal is probably the last major video game release that didn’t star a white, 18-35 year old white dude with short hair, stubble and a scowl. That game came out six years ago.

I don’t understand how people can get mad and confused when you point out that there’s not enough creativity or diversity in video games. Granted, there was definitely room for growth in the 80’s and 90’s, but we’ve fallen way behind since then. We used to have space pilot furries and master thieves. Dragons, bandicoots, hedgehogs and plumbers. Women who were archaeologists and bounty hunters.

So why are we still marketing games exclusively to fraternity douchebags? There’s no excuse for having such narrow goals in 2013.


For my followers entering the entertainment industry (games, movies, tv, etc) remember that you may get the chance to bring new ideas to the table. :)

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Come away little lass, come away to the darkness
In the shade of the night we will come looking for you (x)

A (kinda late) birthday gift to Marijn, happy birthday!  <3
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They are all different, yet similar.

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